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Our production guides

Are you looking to create your own music but are unsure where to start?

Are you tired of misleading and hard to follow youtube tutorials?

Introducing the Production Guides - comprehensive packages which take you step by step through music production in a specific genre

Why Production Guides?

Whilst other video tutorials and project files are available, we believe that these aren't adequate to truly learn the art of production.

Project files are useful however do not show the processes that were used to create the track.

Similarly following video tutorials doesn't give a true understanding of the genre, or truly explain what is happening.

How are we different?

Rather than disconnected products we offer one seamless, cohesive tutorial package.

Our 100+ page ebooks not only detail music production tutorials but also delve into the very foundations of the genre itself while our video tutorials
walk you through a high quality track created specifically for tutorial purposes.

These videos demonstrate exactly how the main parts are put together, as well as the essential stages required to achieve a tight mix.

A Logic project file/template for the same track and synths and presets are provided to get you started.

This prevents there being a disconnect between the templates, videos and ebooks and ensures maximum ease of use.

Finally Dance Music Design's free added bonus ebooks ensure that the production guide is a cohesive and seamless package.

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