Oliver Daniel

London 2 Cambridge Challenge

Three weeks ago I attempted the London 2 Cambridge 100km ultra challenge. Having injured my knee around 50k, I ended up walking / hobbling most of the second half to finish in a rather slow 18 hours (think I’m going to stick to shorter distances in the future and plan my training better!) Somehow seemed to top the small number of age 18-23 participants though. Also, in the process of attaching my bib to my rucksack 2 minutes before the start managed to puncture my water supply which made things even more interesting!! As painful as it was, it is absolutely nothing compared to the struggle that many people currently suffering from mental health issues face every single day so I’m delighted to have helped raise money for Mind.

The experience itself was fantastic. Despite being painful it was actually enjoyable – and attempting a challenge like this is something that really fills you with an enormous sense of accomplishment. The sense of camaraderie amongst participants was really palpable and the event itself was fantastically well organised – with free energy bars, snacks, cakes, massages and pretty much everything else you could imagine at the rest points. The route was posted for the most part very well – although wandered off track once or twice but never more than a couple of minutes, and glowsticks illuminated the signs when darkness fell. In terms of the Ultra Challenge organisation it is hard to fault them.

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